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Straight Guys, Does Weed Make You Feel Gay (As in Homosexual)? Got into an argument with two people at work about marijuana. They say it kills you and makes you violent. Close. 4. Posted by. u/YungDaggerDick19. but by the end of the conversation I just want to say fuck it and go smoke a blunt. Youre better off just letting them think what they want, itll save a lot of stress It makes me want to

Cannabis Sex Advice: An Introduction to More Enjoyable Hey dudes, I have a question for you, but before I ask I just want to make sure you know that this is not because of anything Ive observed firsthand, but because of something I heard. I think youre straight until you say otherwise, and feel very justified in this based on your baseball cap, default manspreading, chill vibe, and job as a construction worker, police officer, cowboy, soldier

Five Reasons Marijuana And Homosexuality Go Hand In Hand how marijuana affects your orgasm MARIJUANA AND YOUR NEXT ORGASM "Pot had the ability to slow down time, Orgasms seem to last for 30 seconds and are incredibly intense.“It makes me super-horny because Im so relaxed.

5 Best Marijuana Strains for a Wild Night of Sex marijuana makes me want to fuck And I smoke marijuana on a regular basis for my sanity, my family’s sanity, my own relaxation, my ability to sleep, and my ability to generally manage my own existence. Some people would claim this makes me a stoner. It doesn’t. It makes me a mom who’s using the best drug available to make her as functional as possible for her family.

Why does pot make me so horny? | Hip Forums In higher doses, marijuana can have a depressing effect, which can leave you without the energy to want sex, or the awareness of the way sex is feeling. Some research has found a relationship between long-term use of marijuana and increased erectile dysfunction. Research has suggested that marijuana use is related to a reduction in testosterone.

Your Sex On Weed: Couples Who Smoke Together Have More … marijuana makes me want to fuck However, although it can enhance your sex session, you need to work fast because within a couple of hours, Goo will make you want to relax and go to sleep. This makes it a great strain for wild and rapid sex just before bedtime. Final Thoughts on Marijuana and Great Sex

HOW MARIJUANA AFFECTS YOUR ORGASM - Medical Marijuana … marijuana makes me want to fuck Marijuana culture is absolutely disgusting to me Instead, theyve utterly killed it. The idiotic culture surrounding it makes me want to stay far, far away from marijuana. Ive always found any kind of smoking unpleasant, but I could at least accept marijuana smoking if it wasnt shoved in my face from every direction. Individuals who